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30 Most Read Articles
1 Crustal structure beneath Cameroon from EGM2008 2014 Vol.5(1):1-10
Ngatchou Heutchi Evariste, Liu Genyou, Tabod Charles Tabod, Kamguia Joseph, Nguiya Severin, Tiedeu Alain, and KE Xiaoping [Abstract] (1247) [PDF 12756KB] (2595)
2 Source rupture process inversion of the 2013 Lushan earthquake, China 2013 Vol.4(2):16-21
Zhang Lifen, Iman Fatchurochman, Liao Wulin, Li Jinggang, Wang Qiuliang [Abstract] (1063) [PDF 7343KB] (1004)
3 Monitoring earthquakes with gravity meters 2011 Vol.2(3):71-75
T.M. Niebauer, Jeff MacQueen, Daniel Aliod, Olivier Francis [Abstract] (1016) [PDF 7193KB] (697)
4 Expression of strain tensor in orthogonal curvilinear coordinates 2010 Vol.1(1):48-56
Xuyan Liu, Yingfeng Ji, Quanqiang Liang [Abstract] (893) [PDF 533KB] (4802)
5 The coseismic displacements of the 2013 Lushan Mw6.6 earthquake determined using continuous global positioning system measurements 2013 Vol.4(2):6-10
Huang Yong, Yang Shaomin, Zhao Bin, Wang Wei, Tan Kai [Abstract] (818) [PDF 12504KB] (6847)
6 Effects of the differences between the ITRF2000 and ITRF2005  models in GNSS data processing 2013 Vol.4(4):46-50
Zhan Wei, Zhu Shuang, Yang Bo, Wu Yanqiang, Liu Zhiguang, Meng Xiangang [Abstract] (816) [PDF 1559KB] (774)
7 Far-field crustal movements before and after the 2011 Ms9.0 Japan earthquake from GPS observations 2011 Vol.2(3):1-7
Gu Guohua, Wang Wuxing [Abstract] (802) [PDF 4803KB] (744)
8 A rotating elastic plate/block model for Eurasia 2011 Vol.2(2):71-78
Li Yanxing, Zhang Jinghua, Feng Shengtao [Abstract] (788) [PDF 13163KB] (841)
9 Effects of the Earth's triaxiality on the polar motion excitations 2012 Vol.3(2):1-7
Chen Wei, Shen Wenbin [Abstract] (770) [PDF 6389KB] (604)
10 Gravity variations before the Menyuan Ms6.4 earthquake 2016 Vol.7(4):223-229
Weifeng Liang, Guoqing Zhang, Yiqing Zhu, Yunma Xu, Shusong Guo, Yunfeng Zhao, Fang Liu, Lingqiang Zhao [Abstract] (757) [PDF 3136KB] (2325)
11 Baseline correction for digital strong-motion records by using the pre-event portion 2011 Vol.2(1):43-46
Li Heng, Yao Yunsheng, Zheng Shuiming, Cai Yongjian,  Lei Dongning [Abstract] (714) [PDF 218KB] (1769)
12 GRACE RL05-based ice mass changes in the typical regions of antarctica from 2004 to 2012 2014 Vol.5(4):57-67
Ju Xiaolei, Shen Yunzhong, Zhang Zizhan [Abstract] (711) [PDF 1096KB] (379)
13 Refining geoid and vertical gradient of gravity anomaly 2011 Vol.2(4):1-9
Zhang Chijun, Bian Shaofeng, Yi Zhourun, Liu Lingtao, and Fang Jian [Abstract] (709) [PDF 321KB] (1373)
14 Co-seismic deformation and gravity changes of the 2011 India-Nepal and Myanmar earthquakes 2012 Vol.3(1):1-7
Liu Chengli, Zheng Yong, Shan Bin, Xiong Xiong [Abstract] (685) [PDF 20862KB] (831)
15 Uneven aftershock distribution of Wenchuan Ms 8.0 earthquake and possible mechanism 2011 Vol.2(2):7-12
Li Zhixiong, Chen Zhangli, Zhao Cuiping, Shao Zhigang, Hua Wei, Wang Qincai, He Ping [Abstract] (680) [PDF 12973KB] (536)
 On ionosphere-elay processing methods for single-requency precise-oint positioning
2011 Vol.2(1):71-76
Tu Rui, Zhang Qin, Huang Guanwen, Zhao Hong [Abstract] (676) [PDF 343KB] (1654)
17 Recent gravity changes in China Mainland 2011 Vol.2(1):1-12
Li Hui, Shen Chongyang, Sun Shaoan, Wang Xiaoquan, Xiang Aimin, Liu Shaoming [Abstract] (674) [PDF 26945KB] (504)
18 Temporal variation of gravity field before and after Wenchuan Ms8.0 earthquake 2011 Vol.2(2):33-38
Zhu Yiqing, Liu Fang, Guo Shusong [Abstract] (661) [PDF 6027KB] (918)
19 Application of Kalman filter in detecting pre-earthquake ionospheric TEC anomaly 2011 Vol.2(2):43-47
Zhu Fuying, Wu Yun, Fu Ningbo [Abstract] (660) [PDF 5366KB] (1100)
20 Recognition of earthquake prone nodes, a case study for North Vietnam (M≥5.0) 2012 Vol.3(2):14-26
Nguyen Huu Tuyen, Ngo Thi Lu [Abstract] (656) [PDF 15194KB] (729)
21 A statistical investigation of pre-earthquake ionospheric TEC anomalies 2011 Vol.2(1):61-65
Zhu Fuying, Wu Yun, Zhou Yiyan, Lin Jian [Abstract] (648) [PDF 2640KB] (424)
22 Contribution of CRUST2.0 components to the tri-axiality of the Earth and equatorial flattening of the core 2013 Vol.4(3):53-60
Sun Rong, Shen Wenbin [Abstract] (648) [PDF 449KB] (291)
23 Influence of fault asymmetric dislocation on the gravity changes 2014 Vol.5(3):1-7
Duan Hurong,Wang Tao [Abstract] (647) [PDF 491KB] (516)
24 Co- and post-seismic vertical displacements of Wenchuan Ms 8.0 earthquake near Beichuan 2011 Vol.2(2):29-32
Dong Yunhong, Luo Sanming, Han Yueping, Chen Changyun [Abstract] (642) [PDF 5430KB] (707)
25 Long-term gravity changes in Chinese mainland from GRACE and ground-based gravity measurements 2011 Vol.2(3):61-70
Xing Lelin, Li Hui, Xuan Songbai, Kang Kaixuan, Liu Xiaoling [Abstract] (641) [PDF 17476KB] (1838)
26 On Numerical methods for determination of Earth gravity field model using mass satellite gravity gradiometry data 2012 Vol.3(1):57-62
Zhu Guangbin, Chang Xiaotao, Li Xinfa, Zhang Xinhang, Li Yuxing [Abstract] (639) [PDF 380KB] (570)
27 Lithospheric structure in NW of Africa: Case of the Moroccan Atlas Mountains 2015 Vol.6(6):397-408
Youssef Timoulali, Jabour Nacer, Hahou Youssef, Chourak Mimoun [Abstract] (632) [PDF 4256KB] (1178)
28 Numerical simulation of co-seismic deformation of 2011Japan Mw9.0 earthquake 2011 Vol.2(3):16-23
Zhang Keliang, Ma Jin [Abstract] (627) [PDF 12009KB] (900)
29 Application of ionospheric tomography inversion to GPS data to study ionospheric electron-density distribution over China 2011 Vol.2(1):66-70
Wen Debao, Zhou Yiyan [Abstract] (615) [PDF 8504KB] (447)
30 Co-seismic deformation of 2011 Mw9.0 Japan earthquake observed by InSAR technique 2011 Vol.2(3):24-30
Shen Qiang, Tan Kai [Abstract] (613) [PDF 10781KB] (576)
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