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Geodesy and Geodynamics
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About Journal


Geodesy and Geodynamics launched in October, 2010, and is a bimonthly publication. It is sponsored jointly by Institute of Seismology, China Earthquake Administration, Science Press, and other six agencies. It is an international journal with a Chinese heart. Geodesy and Geodynamics is committed to the publication of quality scientific papers in English in the fields of geodesy and geodynamics from authors around the world. Its aim is to promote a combination between Geodesy and Geodynamics, deepen the application of Geodesy in the field of Geoscience and quicken worldwide fellows’ understanding on scientific research activity in China. It mainly publishes newest research achievements in the field of Geodesy, Geodynamics, Science of Disaster and so on.

                                                                                                           Aims and Scope
1) new theories and methods of geodesy; 2) new results of monitoring and studying crustal movement and deformation by using geodetic theories and methods; 3) new ways and achievements in earthquake-prediction investigation by using geodetic theories and methods; 4) new results of crustal movement and deformation studies by using other geologic, hydrological, and geophysical theories and methods; 5) new results of satellite gravity measurements; 6) new development and results of space-to-ground observation technology.


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