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Journal of Geodesy and Geodynamics (JGG) is an international journal with a Chinese heart. JGG is committed to the publication of quality scientific papers in English in the fields of geodesy and geodynamics from authors around the world. JGG is a quarterly publication with the aim of promoting an integral approach to geodesy and geodynamics, and deepening the application of geodesy in various fields of geoscience. It publishes research achievements in:
1) theories and methods of geodesy;
2) crustal movement and deformation research by geodetic, geologic, hydrological, and geophysical approaches;
3) earthquake hazard assessment research by geodetic approaches;
4) results of satellite gravimetric and other space geodetic observations.


Contribution requirements


Submitted manuscripts must be original, and must present results of significance that will be of interest to an international audience. Papers must be prepared to international scientific standards, and papers will be reviewed and evaluated in English. Chinese authors who need assistance with English should contact the Editorial Office. Papers must not have been published, or submitted for publication, elsewhere previously or concurrently.


JGG does not have strict page limits, although papers are expected to be succinct and to the point. In addition to regular scientific papers, JGG encourages the publication of short papers documenting important data sets, called Data Notes. These short papers document useful and important data sets of broad interest, and should include enough information for users to use the data effectively. The data sets themselves would normally be electronic supplements to the papers, if they cannot be presented in full within the paper itself.


Manuscripts should be formatted in a single column, double-spaced or 1.5-spaced, to make it easy for reviewers or editors to mark up the manuscript. Referencing should follow the journal’s standard format.


References are numbered, ordered sequentially as they appear in the text.
1). References are marked in the text with superscripts.
2). References in the reference list are in the style: authors, article title, journal name, year of publication, volume number and the issue number in parentheses, followed by a colon and the page number (if available), DOI (if known) comes last.
3). All authors are included, and they are listed surname first, then given names, first letter capitalized. 
4). Annotate the references that are not in English.
5). References to websites are in the style: title of cited page, URL in full.


Authors should contribute by using our online submitting system, EVISE Manuscripts ( Our journal website is Authors may inquire about the status of their submitted manuscripts at this website. The system allows the retrieval of a brief summary and the full text of all published papers. Published papers can be downloaded free of charge by any reader with no fee.


When the author submits his manuscript, he must delete his personal information, including name, unit, telephone, E-mail, et al., as specified at the website. This will facilitate an anonymous and fair review process. The personal information will be put back in later. The format of Word is recommended for uploading papers.


The journal does not charge any fee to the authors for publication.  Also, no fee is paid to the authors. If any author is not agreeable to this provision, he should declare it at the time of submission. Otherwise, it will be regarded as agreed upon.


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