Space distance standard device is an important metrological standard for the calibrating terrestrial laser scanner. The measurement of the space distance of the target ball has always been a difficult problem. At present, most are measured by laser tracker. In this paper, we propose the coordinate measurement of target sphere by total station intersection survey. Firstly, the outline coordinates of feature points can be obtained quickly and conveniently by rear rendezvous and non-prism measurement. Then, the orientation datum can be established by mutual aiming. Finally, the high-precision coordinates of feature points can be obtained by overall adjustment. The example proves that the accuracy of this system is better than 0.1 mm, and it can meet the calibration accuracy requirement of space distance standard device.
"/> 基于全站仪交会测量的空间距离校准装置测量方法
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A Measuring Method for Space Distance Calibration Field Based on Total Station Intersection Survey
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